Quick220 Gives You Power At The Voltage You Need!

Easy To Use

Simply plug a Quick220 voltage converter into 2 out-of-phase 110v outlets.

Easy To Use

220v delivered–no electrician required!

Safe For Home Use

Everything is inside the box: wires, contacts, and more.

Safe For Home Use

No exposed contacts or shock risks–simply use the unit as directed.

Incredibly Versatile

The Quick220 Voltage Converter meets common 220v needs.

Incredibly Versatile

It’s available in a 15A and a 20A model. Choose one depending on your device’s current draw.

Slash Your Electric Vehicle’s Charging Time

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Electric vehicles take forever to charge at 110v (your home’s wall outlet voltage). With a Quick220 converter, you’ll cut that charge time down to a fraction of what it was.

How much will your charging time decrease? That depends on which electric vehicle you drive. Every EV owner benefits from a Quick220 voltage converter. Check out the graph to the right!

Tesla Model S: 12% of 110v charging time
Nissan Leaf: 19% of 110v charging time
Chevy Volt: 40% of 110v charging time
Toyota Prius: 50% of 110v charging time

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