It is no secret cryptocurrency that has exploded onto the scene in the last few years. Bitcoin specifically has taken off and many are investing money to cash in on the trend as fast as possible. As Bitcoin value rises, many are attempting to capitalize on the trend by purchasing shares of the coins. Depending on the market, the value of Bitcoin can fluctuate drastically.

Others are discovering that Bitcoin mining is a more profitable practice. Mining Bitcoins doesn’t cost anything and many have said that it is a convenient way of making money. Miners use certain hardware that solves various math problems and are issued Bitcoins in exchange for solving them. Bitcoins then can be used to purchase goods and services. They act just like a currency but eliminate the middleman.

Previously, miners used their computer processors to solve these problems at a competitive rate. It was then discovered that graphics cards used for gaming were much for efficient to help solve these problems, and they did so at an even more impressive speed. Though the graphics cards did operate faster, they, unfortunately, required much more power to operate. This also brought some other concerns to light. Graphics cards consume much more power than ordinary computer processors, so they were not very energy-friendly and produced larger amounts of heat. This also caused a lot of wear and tear on your hardware. The results of Bitcoin mining were no longer worth the monetary investment.

Bitcoin Mining Power Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin mining hardware was then introduced to answer this need. These chips are even faster than graphics cards and are much more energy-efficient. They were designed to perform this rapid output; however, they still require a large amount of power to run them. Power converters are a fantastic answer to this need. They can run Bitcoin hardware at a much more efficient rate, without compromising your circuits.

Similar to household appliances, these mining networks and Bitcoin products require large amounts of voltage. A power converter, or voltage converter, can provide that additional voltage that you need right from your own home or even business. Standard 120 wall outlets are unable to provide enough electricity to power your Bitcoin network, but voltage converters are the perfect solution to keep your equipment running. These converters take electricity from standard wall outlets and convert it to a higher rate so that your standard 120-volt outlet can power this equipment. Quite literally, our power converters will turn your standard 120-volt outlet into a 220-volt outlet in seconds. Use them anywhere you need to run appliances with larger voltage. There is no wiring, installation or renovating required. Just plug into your regular household outlets to get started.

The Convenience of Cryptocurrency Mining

bitcoin1There are several benefits to mining Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency has many financial benefits to it. It can put an end to identity theft. No RFID information can be stolen and there is no way to counterfeit them. It also makes settling immediate, eliminating third parties and closing costs. This means no more waiting on transactions or hidden fees that penalize your account. Bitcoin also has lower fees than traditional banking. It is much more accessible and there are no predetermined regulations to use it.

One of the biggest fees or investments when mining is the electricity you use. With ASIC products (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) you can eliminate wasted energy. ASIC products have taken the convenience of mining and made it much more energy-efficient. No longer is there a fear of overheating and overworking your computer’s graphics cards. ASIC chips are not only an environmental answer, but they will also help you meet your crypto mining needs as fast as possible.

The Future of Currency with Bitcoins

If you are looking to get into the cryptocurrency market or need help getting your Bitcoin mining products, Quick 220® Systems can be your solution. One downfall of Bitcoins is that only limited amounts of them were created. Once they are all mined or purchased, there will be no more produced. For this reason, it is important to conduct your mining as fast as possible and Quick220 has the equipment to do it. Power up your home or office with one of our convenient voltage converters to get your mining station up and running. Our power converters offer a variety of other solutions as well. Whether it be charging your electric car, powering your air conditioner or running your washing machine, Quick220 can benefit your home. Be sure to check out all of the practical ways people are using power converters to get efficient power at your convenience.



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