With the holidays approaching, millions of Americans are finalizing travel plans and heading out to various destinations around the world. Although some don’t have a huge commute ahead of them, some are traveling overseas. International traveling not only means dealing with different time zones and passports but keep in mind you will be dealing with different voltage as well. It is imperative to plan ahead if you plan to use any sort of electronics or personal styling tools that require electricity.120 volt outlet

It is not something most travelers consider when they travel but it is extremely important to keep on your radar. If you head overseas, remember to travel with voltage converters to keep all your personal belonging powered properly. Especially if you are bringing along hairdryers, curling irons or electronics, voltage converters can save the day. Keep your cell phone charged and your hair straightener ready in case of emergencies with a power converter.

Power Strips Keep You Going and Going

If you have a variety of devices or tools that require electricity, consider an electrical strip to power everything in one location. An international power strip is perfect for your personal devices and can power anything from the UK, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and North America. Since America has the traditional 3- pronged 110- or 120-volt outlets, they also provide the correct plug face for all of your appliances or hair styling tools. These are especially handy if you require multiple styling tools in one location. This will avoid multiple plugs in one outlet and possibly a power short. international power strip

These power strips also contain a built-in surge protector to keep your electronics protected. This is especially important in areas that are prone to power outages. International power strips can easily be plugged into any power converter to ensure your devices are receiving the correct amount of voltage, wherever you are in the world. They reduce harm to you and to your personal devices and they will prevent you from blowing a fuse. Also, the child safety shutters protect the inner hot contacts to avoid nasty burns.

Consider a Voltage Converter When You Travel

Seeing as other countries have different power currents and different voltage capacities, a voltage converter is required to ensure your personal devices are running correctly. Power converters will take the power from the outlet and either decrease the voltage or add to it, depending on the situation. Power converters that add voltage are called step-up voltage converters. They provide additional voltage to run your appliances or devices correctly at the voltage that they need. It is like having an extra 220 outlet whenever you need one.

Also, voltage converters give you access to higher voltage even when you are on the road because they are so portable. They have the ability to run larger appliances, such as electric stoves, dryers or air conditioners in any part of your home or at your destination. This is especially convenient for visiting family overseas, students studying abroad or homeowners sub-leasing their homes. Power converters can turn any ordinary 110- or 120-volt outlet to a 220 outlet within seconds. There is no need to perform any construction or rewiring. These converters give your devices or appliances the exact voltage they need to operate in seconds. There is no setup or tear down with your outlets. These portable voltage converters can be packed up with ease and taken with you on any trip to enhance your overall travel experience.

Power Cord Adapters

If you need to plug in a specific plug into a wall outlet that has a different face, consider an extension cord adapter or even a plug adapter. These universal plug adapters are incredibly convenient and can connect your plug to the appropriate outlet face. These adapters are perfect for renters that are not able to remodel or rewire and are moving more frequently. Quick220 Systems has a variety of these adapters which work fantastic for traveling or those on extended stays. Give your vacation the conveniences of your own home anywhere in the world and don’t neglect your daily necessities when you travel. Make this holiday season comfortable and memorable wherever you go with plug adapters and voltage converters.

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