Quick 220® Systems 15 Ampere Straight Blade Outlet
Model A220-15D plus ground adapters for Schuko plugs

    Model A220-15D plus ground adapters for Schuko plugs

    Part No: -P-104

    Price Ea: $230.00


    Quick 220® Power Supply (A220-15D)
    Outlet Tester (TEST001)
    International plug adaptors, 2 each (ADAP001)
    Schuko Ground Adapters, 2 each (ADAP004)

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    Sales Package P-104 consists of the Model A220-15D Quick 220® Voltage Converting Power Supply plus plug adapters that connect the 220-240 volt plugs on equipment from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Grounding for Schuko style plugs is supplied with this package. The Schuko plug is used in Germany and other parts of Europe.

    1. 1. Each plug adapter is rated at 10 amperes maximum. The Quick 220® system supports the use of 2 plug adapters for a system total of 15 amperes maximum. Due to the large size of UK style plugs, only one UK plug can usually be inserted.
    2. 2. The plug adapters provide a ground connection for all grounded plugs, including the Schuko style plug, used in Germany and other European countries, with ground contact on the outer circumference of the plug body.
    3. 3. The plug adapters will not accomodate the large, old style Indian/South African plugs. Please call and we will recommend options for this plug style.
    4. 4. For voltage converter specifications, please see the information under our Part Number A220-15D.