Quick 220® Systems 20 Ampere Twist Locking Outlet
Model A220-20L plus 2 adapter cords, 2 extension cords

    Model A220-20L plus 2 adapter cords, 2 extension cords

    Part No: -P-108

    Price Ea: $355.00



    • Quick 220® Power Supply, 20A, twist locking outlet
    • Outlet Tester (TEST001)
    • Adapter Cord (CORD102), 2 each
    • Extension Cord, 20A, 25 ft (CORD103), 2 each

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    Sales Package P-108 consists of the Model A220-20L Quick 220® Voltage Converting Power Supply plus the power cords usually used in conjuntion with the A220-20L.Included are two 25 foot, 120 volt, 20 ampere extension cords, and two adapter cords which will plug the system into ordinary outlets.

    1. Use this package when BOTH of the 110-120 volt electrical supply outlets are more than 6 feet from where the Quick 220® Power Supply will be located.

    2. Use Sales Package P-102 if one of the 110-120 volt electical supply outlets is within 6 feet of the desired location of the Quick 220® Power Supply.

    For Quick 220® Voltage Converter specifications, please see the information under Part Number A220-20L.