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Power Strip for 220 230 240 Volt International Plugs

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Name: Power Strip for 220 230 240 Volt International Plugs

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  • Use for equipment with 220 / 240 volt electrical plugs from UK, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa, (except old style South Africa)

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Imagine that you just bought some new hair styling tools from Spain or France. Or maybe you ordered some high-tech equipment that isn’t manufactured in the United States. You’re excited to receive your new purchase in the mail, but when it arrives, it doesn’t have the correct plug to use in the United States. Although it might be annoying, not having the right electrical plug configuration is a common problem for those who travel often or order from overseas.

Luckily, Quick 220® Systems has the answer to that problem. Introducing our international power strip, a power strip with plug adaptors for the UK, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, and Africa (except South Africa). Now, you can plug your international product in with ease, and even use up to five at a time. This is perfect if you are from a different country living in the United States, or are travelling from country to country and don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing plugs.

If you have high-powered equipment, this international power strip can also be plugged straight into a Quick 220® voltage converter to easily direct 220-240 volts of power toward your appliance. The power strip has a surge protector, and is child safe. All in all, it’s a great piece to have on-hand for potential plug configuration mishaps. Get yours today!


Note: This power strip does not convert voltages. It permits up to 5 pieces of equipment with plugs from different countries to be connected to the same electrical source. If voltage conversion is required, this power strip can be connected to a voltage converter.