Adapter, 20A L6-20 plug/L6-30 receptacle

    Adapter, 20A L6-20 plug/L6-30 receptacle

    Part No: CORD109

    Price Ea: $38.00


    Adapts 30 ampere locking plug to 20 ampere locking outlet
    208 to 240 volts nominal, 250 volts maximum

    The CORD109 adapter is used where the electrical power is supplied by a L6-20 locking outlet and the appliance has a L6-30 locking plug. Appliances should use less than 20 Amperes to prevent overloading wiring and tripping circuit breakers. Typical applications include:
    Electric vehicle charging
    Power tools moved between L6-20 and L6-30 receptacles.

    20 ampere capacity
    For 208 to 240 volts, nominal; 250 volts maximum.
    NEMA L6-20 Plug (US/Canadian standard)
    NEMA L6-30 Receptacle (US/Canadian standard)
    2.0 inch diameter x 2.5 inches (body)