Test Equipment
Digital Voltage Meter

    Digital Voltage Meter

    Part No: TEST002

    Price Ea: $25.00


    Digital Voltmeter
    Two alkaline batteries, AAA (LR03)

    Measure wall outlet voltages using one hand.

    1. For close measurements, clip the secondary probe to the meter body.
    2. For measurements between points up to 42 inches apart, unclip the secondary probe from the meter.
    3. For sockets having recessed, hard to reach contacts, remove the black probe covers, exposing slim 5/8" long probe tips.
    4. Where bare probe tips risk a short, slip on probe covers, reducing exposed tips to 1/8 inch.

    Intertek Listed

    Digital readout - 7 to 690 volts, AC/DC

    Continuity check

    Phase rotation (three phase electrical systems)

    Light weight - Less than 7 ounces

    Water and dust resistant

    Range: 7-690 volts, AC/ DC

    Automatic detection of AC or DC with indication of DC polarity

    Accuracy: 3% or 5V at 23 degrees C

    Response Time: 90% of reading within 2 seconds

    Continuity Test: 0 to 1 Mohm, light and buzzer indicators

    Phase Rotation: Three phase, 4 wire system, 50/60 Hz

    Batteries: Two AAA alkaline (also known as LR03)

    Intertek Listed

    Safety: ETL listed

    1. US: Conforms to UL Std. 61010-1-05 & 61010-031-07
    2. Canada: Certified to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No. 61010-1 & 61010-031-07


    1. Operational: 14 to 130°F, -10 to 55°C
    2. Storage: -4 to 140°F, -20 to 60°C

    Humidity: To 85%, no condensation

    Dust and water resistant - standard IP64

    Weight: 6.8 ounces

    Length: 10 inches