Quick 220® Gives You Power At The Voltage You Need!

Easy To Use

Simply plug a Quick 220® voltage converter into 2 out-of-phase 110v outlets.

Easy To Use

220v delivered–no electrician required!

Safe For Home Use

Everything is inside the box: wires, contacts, and more.

Safe For Home Use

No exposed contacts or shock risks–simply use the unit as directed.

Incredibly Versatile

The Quick 220® Voltage Converter meets common 220v needs.

Incredibly Versatile

It’s available in a 15A and a 20A model. Choose one depending on your device’s current draw.

Slash Your Electric Vehicle’s Charging Time

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Electric vehicles take forever to charge at 110v (your home’s wall outlet voltage). With a Quick 220® converter, you’ll cut that charge time down to a fraction of what it was.

How much will your charging time decrease? That depends on which electric vehicle you drive. Every EV owner benefits from a Quick 220® voltage converter. Check out the graph to the right!

Tesla Model S: 12% of 110v charging time
Nissan Leaf: 19% of 110v charging time
Chevy Volt: 40% of 110v charging time
Toyota Prius: 50% of 110v charging time

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