Voltage Converters are not something most people consider necessary for their home, office, or travel, but it is essential to keep on your radar. Especially if you are attempting to plug in a new appliance into your home or office or are considering traveling overseas soon, voltage converters can save the day. With so many vital uses, we couldn’t help but share 5 of the best applications for voltage converters to keep in your mind for the home, office, or next overseas adventure. 

With our five best applications for voltage converters, you’ll discover what a voltage converter is, why it’s essential, and the most common uses for voltage converters in everyday life. 

What is a Voltage Converter?

Quick220 15amp converterA voltage converter is an electric power converter that alters the voltage of an electrical source. For example, if you have an outlet in your home that produces 110-120 volts but needs power equipment that requires a higher voltage, this is where a voltage converter would come into play. The voltage converter would step up or increase the voltage output to allow the equipment to function correctly. So how does this affect or influence your everyday life? First, let’s dig into why voltage converters are so important.

Why are Voltage Converters Important?

In the United States and Canada, the electrical power supplies to your home are from a split-phase system. Meaning the power enters your home at about 240 voltage and is split at the main circuit breaker panel into two 120-volt halves. Those 120-volt halves run throughout your home to all of your outlets. 120-volts is not an issue for most of your ordinary everyday appliances. However, that new dishwasher you just spent all that money on requires a higher voltage. Imagine trying to use the same amount of power it takes to charge your phone to wash the caked-on dishes that have been sitting in your sink for a few days. It just doesn’t work. That new dishwasher will become a new statue in your kitchen if it is not receiving enough power. A voltage converter increases the power source to that dishwasher and allows you to no longer wash those dishes by hand. 

Now that we understand a little more about how vital a voltage converter can be let’s look at the five best applications for voltage converters that you have been or can start utilizing in your everyday life. 

1. Household Appliances and Voltage Converters

Washing Machine with clothes

Voltage converters can be a lifesaver when you want to use an appliance, and only a standard 120-volt outlet is accessible. Bigger home appliances, such as dishwashers, electric dryers, and air conditioners, require a lot more power to operate. Since your home’s outlets only put out 120 volts and these appliances require more ability to run, you would need a voltage converter to get them up to their required voltage of 220 volts. Step-up converters can connect to your home appliances wherever you are, even when a standard 120 outlet is the only power source accessible. Power converters can turn any ordinary 110- or 120-volt outlet to a 220 outlet within seconds. There is no need to perform any construction or rewiring. In these cases, a power converter can make your life a lot easier with those large household appliances. 

Portable voltage converters can also be a perfect solution if you do not own your own home, and installing a 220v outlet is out of the question. Luxury large appliances are not just for homeowners anymore, thanks to the convenience of voltage converters. Use a portable voltage converter to instantly hook up devices without damage to the walls or existing wiring. Then, if you end up moving after your lease, you can pack it up and take it with you to your new home. Owning a portable voltage converter will always allow you to have access to power, and it will be one less thing to worry about when searching for a new place to live.

2. Voltage Converters When You Travel

Female Traveler looking at a map and her phone

Seeing as many other countries have different power currents and voltage capacities, a voltage converter must ensure all of your devices are running correctly. A power converter will adjust the voltage output by the outlet to either decrease the voltage or add to it based on the situation. Research what voltage the outlets are in the location of your travels and make sure to bring the correct voltage converter. Step-up converters are power converters that increase the voltage. They provide additional voltage to run your appliances or devices at the correct voltage.  

Also, voltage converts are portable, making traveling with them a breeze. However, if you are looking to power multiple devices during your travels, an international power strip may increase your speed. An international power strip allows you to plug in various devices during your travels. It works perfectly due to the power strip’s standard plug face type.  For more information regarding traveling and voltage, converters check out this blog post

Whether you plan your next European adventure or prepare to study abroad, make sure a voltage converter is on your checklist. 

3. Portable Voltage on the Go

Someone charging a electric car

One of the best features of our power converters is that they are portable. Sometimes being on the move can result in some challenges, especially for those traveling with electric vehicles. For example, if you happen to be traveling in a Tesla or another electric car at some point, you will need access to a 220v outlet. A portable voltage converter can save the day! With a portable voltage converter, the burden of trying to find a 220v outlet wherever you stop is obsolete. Whether at a rest stop or a loved one’s home, a travel voltage converter can provide you with the exact power you need with any standard household outlet. Please check out this blog post outlining EV charge times, performance, and more for more information on this topic.

4. Professional Equipment, Simplified

For individuals in the service and repair industries, your professional equipment must be capable of working no matter where you are. Functioning equipment is essential for those with professional cleaning or HVAC services. Professionals can not rely on the locations they are servicing to have an available 220v outlet for use. Portable voltage converters can be a reliable source to turn any 120v outlet into 220v within seconds. A portable power converter can allow your heavy-duty equipment to work efficiently and effectively, allowing you to do your job. No longer will you have to search for a compatible outlet or ask ahead of time if they have one available for use. Instead, you will have the comfort of knowing any available outlet is capable of powering your professional equipment. 

5. We Give Voltage Converters Two Green Thumbs Up

LED grow lights hanging over a plants

Gardening has become a popular hobby in recent years, not just outdoors gardening but also indoor. The sudden popularity of succulents and other indoor plants has encouraged gardeners to transform parts of their homes into small greenhouses. Since sunlight is not a natural resource inside, gardeners have reverted to LED grow lights to imitate the same benefits as natural sunlight. While some LED grows lights do require a dual-voltage, some do not. Unless you have a dedicated space that also has a 220v outlet nearby, you’ll need the help of a voltage converter to cultivate your hobby to its maximum potential. Say goodbye to seasonal gardening. With this helpful tip, you can start your indoor greenhouse. 

Endless Power Converter Applications

Whether you are moving apartments, looking to start a new hobby, or travel, step-up converters could be a perfect solution for you. It will eliminate unnecessary construction, headaches and could get you up and running within seconds. Don’t let the absence of a 220v outlet limit you. With a power converter, it’s as easy as plugging into any standard outlet. So don’t hold yourself back. Plan your next trip, get that dishwasher, or start a new hobby. If you have any questions or need help knowing what convert is best for you, let us know, and we would be happy to help!