Today we’ve got another great application of our voltage adapter saving someone a lot of money on electrician fees. Our customer Donnie B. lives in a New York housing co-op and when he moved in, he found a through-the-wall sleeve for an air-conditioner. For a few years, he didn’t use it, but when the time came to get a new air-conditioner installed, he found that every unit he looked at required 220 volts to operate but his home didn’t have any 220 volt outlets.

Solution: Donnie purchased our Quick 220® voltage adapter and created a convenient 220 volt outlet near the casement.

“After being quoted over $1000 to run 220V to the sleeve I was desperate to find another solution. Luckily, I found the Quick 220® Power Converter. All it took was the 110V outlet near the sleeve and an extension cord from another 110V outlet on a different circuit. Instantly, I had two 220V outlets. And I was very happy with the price. They also throw in an outlet tester because both 110V outlets must be wired correctly (not something you can assume in an old apartment) for the Quick 220® to work.”

— Donnie B.

Donnie’s situation is not unique. All over the country, there are people who need to operate heavy duty electrical devices in spaces that weren’t designed to accept them. A lot of our customers are like Donnie: they have an older home and need to operate a dryer, a heavy duty freezer, or power tools, but don’t have a convenient 220v line in the right place. We also have many customers that operate commercial grade appliances in hospitals and kitchens that were built without provision for 220 volts. Some of our customers even use their Quick 220® voltage adapter to operate their own apparel businesses with heat presses and ink transfer equipment.

There are plenty of other uses for the Quick 220® voltage adapter, too. If you would like to skip the high fees of many commercial electricians, give one of our units a try. They’re incredibly easy to use, lightweight, and portable, so you can use them anywhere a convenient 220 volt outlet is needed.