Trading a smelly, dirty gas pump for an easy, clean plug is a beautiful thing. With dozens of electrical outlets in your home, it’s far more convenient. But simple Level 1 charging from a standard outlet can be painfully slow. With charge rates in the single digits per-charge-hour, a full charge from empty on a 110v outlet can take a full 24 hours or more. Now, if you’re driving far less than the maximum range of your EV, it’s no big deal; you can charge for your daily commute overnight and at the office. But if you’re like many Americans, between a long work commute and errands, you’ll lose a full day of driving every week just to recharge! What if there was an easy way to convert your 110 to 220 EV charger?

Let’s look specifically at the Mobile Connector from Tesla. If you’re only plugging into a standard wall outlet like you would with a toaster or your phone charger, the best charge rate you can hope for is a measly 4 miles per-charge-hour. However, when you can hook up to a 220 volt outlet and increase the amperage rate, even without the expensive dual on-board charger system, you can quadruple the miles per-hour-charge you can get! Keep in mind, this is at home. If you have more driving to do after you’ve driven all day, you no longer have to leave your EV at a public charger several blocks away, if there even is one!

But not every home has a free 220 outlet in the garage. If there is one nearby, it’s probably for the dryer and already in use. If you’re renting or have gas appliances, there may not be a single 220 outlet anywhere. So what do you do if you want to drive an EV but not be inconvenienced be absurd charge times on standard voltage? The answer: you get a voltage converter from and change from 110 to 220 EV charger.

A Quick 220® voltage converter combines the 110 volts from two different outlets in your home into a reliable and easy to use 220 volts to charge your EV in a quarter of the time and without the high cost of hiring an electrician!