Getting your home wired and running can be a daunting task for a homeowner. After all, voltage and wattage can get confusing when certain devices run on specific circuits. For the average homeowner, keeping your household up to code and functioning can be a different world and feel downright overwhelming. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

At Quick 220®, we are dedicated to bringing you resources to not only keep your home safe and functional but give you some peace of mind. We aim to provide quality voltage converters, outlet converters, adapters, and test equipment, while also being a source of knowledge in the industry.

What Does a Voltage Converter Do for Me?Voltage

Bigger appliances, such as dishwashers, electric dryers and air conditioners take a lot more power to operate. Since electricity is delivered into our homes at around 120 volts and these appliances take more power to run them, you would need a voltage converter to get them up to the required 220 volts. 220v outlets require special 220v plugs because of the larger voltage these appliances use.

These 220v plugs consist of the standard two-prongs that are used with a traditional standard outlet, plus the third prong, which is the ground wire. This wire helps make it safer to run a large amount of current. The ground wire is connected to the breaker panel or something neutral to trip the circuit in case of an electrical error. This fail-safe system, also known as a circuit breaker, prevents the circuit from being overloaded and causing a hazard. In some cases, appliances have been damaged, overheated and even caused electrical fires.

Voltage converters can be a lifesaver when you want to use an appliance and only a standard 120v outlet is accessible. Sometimes your options, for whatever reason, may be limited and a 220v outlet would be impossible to access. In this case, a power converter can make your life easier. These step-up voltage converters can connect your home appliances wherever you are, even when a standard 120 outlet is the only power source accessible.

Portable Voltage on the Go

Travel Voltage Converter One of the best features of our power converters is that they are portable. Sometimes being on the move presents its own set of challenges, especially traveling with electric vehicles. If you happen to be driving a Tesla or any other electric vehicle, you will need to have access to a 220v outlet. This is when a travel voltage converter can save the day. With a portable voltage converter, it’s as easy as plugging it into any standard outlet. Having a travel voltage converter opens up a number of possibilities and frees you from the burden of searching for a 220v outlet wherever you stop. Whether it is at a hotel overnight or a loved one’s house, a travel voltage converter gives you the exact power you need with any standard household outlet.

Accessible for the Average Renter

Not just for electric vehicles, a portable voltage converter is the ultimate renter’s companion. If you don’t own your own home, then installing a 220v outlet is out of the question. Most apartments rarely provide access to hookups for necessary appliances like washers, dryers, air conditioners and dishwashers. These luxuries aren’t just for homeowners anymore thanks to the convenience of a voltage converter. Not only are they much more inexpensive than rewiring your space yourself, there is no installation required. Landlords will also be happy with this option because there are no contractors or expensive labor involved. Portable voltage converters allow you to instantly hook-up appliances, with no damage to walls or existing wiring. If you end up moving after your lease is up, you can pack it up and take it with you. This way you always have power access and it’s one less thing to worry about when searching for a new place to live.

Endless Power Converter Applications

Whether you are moving apartments or looking to avoid a costly renovation to rewire your home, a step-up converter is the perfect power converter solution for you. It will eliminate unnecessary construction and get you up and running the very same day. Plus, it can run any appliance that requires a 220v outlet, whether you are looking for a dishwasher, dryer or to charge your electric vehicle. Don’t let the absence of a 220v outlet dictate where you travel or live. With a power converter, it’s as easy as plugging into any standard outlet available.

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