When we created a voltage converter to solve the problem of not having a free 220v or 240v outlet, we were thinking specifically of commercial contractors, among other kinds of users. If you’ve ever had a professional cleaner come to your home, or been a cleaner yourself, you know that often when the equipment is plugged in, it takes up one of the few 220v or 240v outlets that’s needed for daily home life. There’s a good chance that you’ll either not be able to cook or dry your clothes. This can be a major inconvenience if the service takes more than just a day. That’s not even mentioning the problems faced by homes that use gas and don’t have a 220v or 240v outlet installed.

The Quick 220® voltage converter solves these problems by giving you an easy and reliable way to create the outlet you need without disrupting daily life—and without expensive electrical work. Our friends over at Hypervac have made the perfect use of our system and they even made a video on how they do it. Since we designed the Quick 220® voltage converter to be easy to use and user friendly, the process is pretty straightforward.

First, they use the included tester to check the first outlet and make sure that it is wired correctly. Then, they find a second outlet that is wired out of phase. In the video, the first outlet they try is in phase with the first and doesn’t turn on the test light on the front of the voltage converter unit. They have to go a bit farther to find a usable outlet, but once it is plugged in you can see the glowing light on the unit. After that, they simply flip the breaker on the side of the Quick 220® voltage converter and plug in their equipment! It couldn’t be any easier.

If you want to see a real world example of the Quick 220® voltage converter in action, watch the video which we’ve linked to below.