How often have you been at the job site or in the shop and had nowhere to plug in a newer welder or another specialty piece of equipment? Have you ever needed to hook up industrial equipment at a customer’s house but all they’ve had is the standard 120 volt outlets? If you’ve ever needed more power than can be supplied by the typical outlets found in homes or business, then you could use one of the 240 voltage converters from Quick 220®. They’ve got three models of 240 voltage converters that can hook up nearly any heavy duty device to standard mains power. All you need to know is how much amperage your device draws and what type of plug it has. There are two models that can supply 20 amperes, one with a locking socket, and another model that can supply 15 amperes. All of them, however, can supply voltages ranging from 208 to 240 volts depending on the voltage supplied to the unit from the originating outlets.

These units are great if you’re using a commercial grade electrical device in a non-commercial setting. One customer of Quick 220® runs a duct cleaning business and uses their device to power the cleaning equipment in a residential home without disrupting the client or their ability to cook or do laundry. Our favorite use for a 240 voltage converter that we’ve seen, however, is for a portable Electric Vehicle charger. If your destination doesn’t have a pre-existing charging station, plugging into a standard 120 voltage outlet gives you charge times that are unreasonable and can take days. If you could supply your charger with the full 240 voltage power you can get at home, you’d have a much shorter charge time and wouldn’t have to spend so long between legs of your trip. But a free 240 volt outlet isn’t always accessible and not everyone wants to unplug their appliances to charge your car. Now you can use one of the 240 voltage converters from our voltage converters page to create a charging system that you can use anywhere with a standard wall outlet. It’s not bulky, either. Each unit weighs less than 4 pounds and is small enough to be packed up with your EV charging cable into a compact kit that easily fits in your trunk and lets you go farther.