Have you ever needed to hook up your industrial equipment at a customer’s house or needed to plug in a new welder? Have you been on the road with your electric vehicle and needed a better way to top up your batteries than with the slow charge you get from a typical outlet? If you’ve ever needed a convenient 220v outlet, check out the 110v to 220v converter options we offer.

We have three different models of 110v to 220v converter, each of which offers a different type of outlet and can supply anywhere from 15 to 20 amperes. They’re great for applications needing 220 to 240 volts or a maximum of 4800 watts, and they do it all using existing 110v wall outlets. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to call an electrician to have a special line run from your breaker box. You also don’t need to struggle to find a free 220 outlet when you’re traveling with your electric vehicle. With one of our 110v to 220v converters, you can have 220v power where you want it, easily and portable.

One of our customers runs a duct cleaning business and uses a 110v to 220v converter to power the cleaning equipment they need. That way, in a residential home they don’t have to disrupt the client or their ability to cook or do laundry. But one of our favorite uses for our converter is for a portable Electric Vehicle charger. If your destination doesn’t have a pre-existing charging station, plugging into a standard 120 voltage outlet gives you charge times that are unreasonable and can take days. If you could supply your charger with the full 240 voltage power you can get at home, you’d have a much shorter charge time and wouldn’t have to spend so long between legs of your trip. Both Eric and Curran have posted their ingenious charging rigs for us to take a look at and we hope you do too. Click on the “Applications” tab in the navigation bar and see what they built to keep their Tesla and Nissan Leaf charged up.

So check out our 110v to 220v converter models and see how it is to hook up your portable welder, industrial equipment, or EV charger to a standard wall outlet. You’re not going to have to lug around a bulky box either, our converters are incredibly portable. They measure in at a minuscule 6.5in x 5in x 3in and weigh less than 4 pounds, so they can be packed up with whatever equipment you power with them. You can even use it to hook up casement air-conditioners, computer servers, technical equipment, air compressors, or any other type of 220/240v device, without the limitations of having to run it near an existing 220v line.