Many businesses rely on equipment that is powered by 240 volts from a wall outlet. If you’ve opened a new business, like T-shirt manufacturing or a woodworking shop, you know that powering your ink-transfer presses or power tools isn’t always easy and the needed outlets sometimes aren’t where you want them. In the past, you’ve only had one option to solve your problem: hire an electrician and have them run a special line from where ever your fuse box is to every place you need a 240 line. The problem is, each run of 240 volts could cost you upwards of $1000. That can quickly add up when you have multiple machines that need power.

There is now a much easier solution when you use a Quick 220® voltage converter for your business! Our units make it simple and convenient to power any device or machine that requires 220, 230, or 240 volts. This includes things like air conditioners, computer servers, commercial kitchen equipment, and heavy-duty power tools, all without the hassle of having to relocate any of them near an existing 240-volt line. The Quick 220® voltage converter is also incredibly portable and lightweight. Each voltage converter measures a tiny 6.5in x 5in x 3in and weighs less than 4 pounds so it can be tucked out of the way near the device you are powering or packed up and taken on the road. It’s perfect for businesses that make house calls with professional cleaning equipment, welders, or floor finishers. Not every job site has a free 240-volt outlet and sometimes you need to unplug the customer’s stove or dryer to run your equipment. That not only runs cords all over their home but disrupts their life and ability to cook or do laundry. Now you’re able to power your machines from any pair of open outlets.
If you drive an electric vehicle, you also know the heartache of not being able to find an open outlet. Often during travel, you’re left with slow charging 120-volt outlets in hotel rooms that could take days to recharge your Tesla or Nissan Leaf. Our Quick 220® units are perfect for building portable high voltage charging systems that you can load into the trunk before a road trip and keep with you. It’s like having your own gas station wherever you go!