Quick 220® Applications

air conditioner powered by Quick 220<sup>®</sup> A220-15D

Air Conditioners

Situation: A 220 volt air conditioner in a New York co-op with no 220 volt outlet to power it.

Solution: Donnie used a Quick 220® Voltage Converter to create a 220 volt outlet for the air conditioner. We thank him for sharing his experience.

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Tesla charged using Quick 220<sup>®</sup> A220-20L

Electric Vehicle Charging – Tesla

Situation: Charging a Tesla electric vehicle with 120 volts when away from home is very slow if a 240 volt outlet is not available.

Solution: Eric uses the 240 volt output of the Quick 220® Power Supply to get 3 fold faster charge when he is away from his home charging station.

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Quick 220<sup>®</sup> System powering Hypervac Duct Cleaning Equipment

Duct Cleaning at 220-240V by Hypervac

Situation: Mobile services using Hypervac equipment need 220-240 volts. Many homes don't have 220-240V outlets available.

Solution: Hypervac, the leading maker of duct cleaning equipment, selected Quick 220® Systems to power the 220-240V Revolution Hybrid series where there is no 220-240V outlet.

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Nissan Leaf charged with Quick 220<sup>®</sup> System

Electric Vehicle Charging at 220/240 Volts From 110/120V Outlets

Situation: Charging EV's with 110/120V is slow. Owners sometimes can't install a charge station or there is no 220/240V outlet available, but still need a faster charge.

Solution: Nissan Leaf owner Curran cuts his charge time 3-fold by using a Quick 220® system in conjunction with the EVSE Upgrade modification to the charging cable.

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Applications In Need Of 220-240V

We all have moments where we need 220-240 volts and just can't find an outlet. If you work with air conditioners or duct cleaning, it's probably a fairly common experience. If you own a Tesla or other electric vehicle, you know what a pain it can be to find outlets that allow for 220-240 volt charging. Imagine being stuck on the road in your electric vehicle because it died before you could get to an actual charging source. You're then left with the glamorous options of either walking to your destination or waiting hours on end for your vehicle to be up and running. Or, you might be a professional handyman who has to unplug an oven or clothing dryer every time you have to use your cleaning equipment. That's a hassle for you and the homeowner!

Quick220® systems will reliably get power to your appliances and other products that need that extra boost of voltage. Whether it's air conditioners, duct cleaning by Hypervac, or electric vehicle charging, the sky is the limit when it comes to applications for a Quick220® systems. Many more products require 220-240 volts than you might think. Imagine being able to set up your tanning bed wherever you want or not having to change the electrical output in your newly-opened ice cream shop.

Above, we discussed some of the most common applications for our Quick220® systems. However, if you have a question about whether one of your personal appliances needs a 220-240 voltage converter, contact us today at 1-800-347-0394. Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you and answer any of your questions. If you want to take a look at some of our systems, visit our voltage converter page. Make the choice to make life easier by utilizing a Quick220® system. We know you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Equipment Powered by Quick 220® Systems

Computer servers
Air conditioners - up to 24,000 BTU, typical
Laboratory equipment
Air compressors
Professional exercise equipment
Offices - Large copiers, office machines
Rental businesses - Power tools, food service (electric grills, ice cream machines, etc,)
Short term jobs
Mobile installations
Pump Motors
Power tools
European and Asian appliances
Ice cream machines
Printing presses
Emergency installations
Catering businesses
Commercial refrigeration

Special Applications

Tanning Beds with 26 lamps or less:

Please call us for assistance selecting the correct model.


Some of the newer models that use capacitors to store electricity may have current demands within the limits of the Quick 220® Power Supply. Most older welders require too many amperes, except for smallest jobs. Call for more information.

Clothes dryers:

The Quick 220® System works well with the high efficiency dryers.  Examples of these are LG (DLEC855), Danby (DWD5505W), Asko, Maytag (MDE2400A), Bosch (Axxis), Eurotech (EDC158), Simplicity, Breeze, Supra, and similar models which require 9 to 15 amperes at 220/240 volts. The ampere ratings (A) are on the rating plate which is usually found inside the dryer door. For these dryers, use model A220-15D. You will also need a special appliance cord (CORD104.) Call us at 800-347-0394 and we will help you.

Traditional U.S. dryers, such as the standard GEs, Maytags, Kenmores, Whirlpools and Hotpoints require 20 to 30 amperes, which is above the capacity of the household circuits supplying the Quick 220® system. We cannot help with these models.

Electric Ranges:

Require too many amperes, except for very small units.