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Duct Cleaning at 220-240 volts by Hypervac

Situation: Mobile duct cleaning services using Hypervac high efficiency equipment require 220-240 volts for operation. Many homes do not have readily available 220-240 volt outlets.

Solution: Hypervac, the world's leading manufacturer of cutting edge equipment for the furnace, air conditioning and air duct cleaning industry, selected the Quick 220® Voltage Converter to power the high suction, 220-240 volt Revolution Hybrid series where there are not 220-240 volt outlets available. We thank the people at Hypervac for sharing the following YouTube training video with us.

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Source: YouTube
Contributor: Hypervac Technologies, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Quick 220® Recommendations

Using a Quick 220® System simplifies the powering of larger equipment rated at 208, 220, 230, or 240 volts when the required outlet is not available. For equipment using up to 15 amperes, one of the packages providing the Quick 220® A220-15D is recommended. For equipment using up to 20 amperes, choose a sales package based on either the A220-20D with the straight blade outlet or the A220-20L with the locking outlet.

15 Ampere Quick 220® Systems using model A220-15D with NEMA 6-15 straight blade outlet

20 Ampere Quick 220® Systems based on model A220-20D with NEMA 6-20 straight blade outlet

20 Ampere Quick 220® Systems based on model A220-20L with NEMA L6-20 twist locking outlet

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